There’s nothing more eye candy than having your own customised bike. I love to own something different. The reason why I chose to make it cafe look cause it’s retro and uniqueness. Not the speed though. By no means I am a racer. Just enjoy a simple desire to ride.
The first thing that came into mind when I got this bike, to make it look simple and sleek. Starting off by cutting the frames and tidying up the wiring harness. This is KTNS Gp 125. Its chassis & subframe is similar to Honda Cg 125 & most of the engine parts are from Suzuki GN 125.

Made our own U-loop by using the stock frame end-loop. At first it wouldn’t fit, but what’s the point of customisation if you gonna bail out from the beginning right? Thinking of changing the old stock absorbers but the old ones is still in good condition. Honestly, I had no idea how its gonna look like. Just trust and go along with the process. 


Wiring box. Of course, many cafe racer projects would have this as a “tray” to keep wires, cdi and rectifier in one place. Some would fit in the battery as well. I relocated the battery behind this box.